Meet the BioForward Board

Executive Committee

In accordance with its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, BioForward Wisconsin is governed by its Board of Directors.  The Board Executive Committee consists of the three Elected Officers of the Organization, the immediate Past Chair of the Organization, the CEO of the Organization.

Board- Jay Hill20180630121336
picture of BioForward Board Chair Jay Hill

Board- Jay Hill

CHAIR, CTO, MICT and GM, HW Platforms, GE Healthcare
Board- Jon Denissen20180630121205
picture of BioForward Board Treasurer Jon Denissen

Board- Jon Denissen

TREASURER, Senior Vice President, PPD
Board- Lisa Biegel20180630120957
picture of BioForward Board Secretary Lisa Biegel

Board- Lisa Biegel

SECRETARY, Executive Director, Global Lead- Safety Assessment, Covance
Board- Nicolas Paris20180630121336
picture of BioForward Board Past Chair Nicolas Paris

Board- Nicolas Paris

Lisa Johnson20180630121336
BioForward Wisconsin20210121192408
Board- Graham Brearley20180630121205
picture of Graham Brearley BioForward Board

Board- Graham Brearley

General Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Board- Joshua Carson20180630120957
picture of Joshua Carson BioForward Board

Board- Joshua Carson

Venture Associate, WARF
Board- Nina Garlie20180630120744
picture of Nina Garlie BioForward Board

Board- Nina Garlie

Interim Vice President, Advocate Aurora Health
Board- Haiying Grunenwald20180630120205
picture of Haiying Grunenwald BioForward Board

Board- Haiying Grunenwald

Director of Product Development, Illumina
Board- Cecilia (CeCe) Hillard20180630115308
picture of Cecilia Hillard BioForward Board

Board- Cecilia (CeCe) Hillard

Associate Dean for Research, Medical College of Wisconsin
Board- Edward Ladwig20210121150653
picture of Edward Ladwig BioForward Board

Board- Edward Ladwig

GM and VP of Chemistry Operations, Eurofins
Board- Thomas Lynch20210121151047
picture of Thomas Lynch BioForward Board

Board- Thomas Lynch

Vice President of Client Services, Aldevron
Board- Mark Millar20210121145330
picture of Mark Millar BioForward Board

Board- Mark Millar

Director and Business Head, Sterling Pharma
Board- Richard Moss20210121151812
picture of Richard Moss BioForward Board

Board- Richard Moss

Senior Associate Dean, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
Board- Garrett Peterson20210121152554
picture of Garrett Peterson BioForward Board

Board- Garrett Peterson

Principal/Chief Strategy Officer, Yahara Software
Board- Brad Pietz20210121153538
picture of Brad Pietz BioForward Board

Board- Brad Pietz

Executive VP and Chief Laboratory Officer, Versiti
Board- Brad Schwartz20210121154756
picture of Brad Schwartz BioForward Board

Board- Brad Schwartz

CEO, Morgridge Institute for Research
Board- Tammy Turek-Etienne20210121160711
picture of Tammy Turek-Etienne BioForward Board

Board- Tammy Turek-Etienne

Vice President of Operations, Exact Sciences
Board- Janet White20210121182345
picture of Janet White BioForward Board

Board- Janet White

Director of Strategic Portfolio Management, Promega
BioForward Wisconsin20210121192408


The governing Board of Directors is selected from BioForward member companies and currently has fourteen active members. These members are not only an active voice for the organization and industry with their organizations but also participate in the community.  Current Board Action Groups include Summit Planning, Talent Acquisition, Membership Expansion, Forward Bio Initiative, and Impact.